Guide to Bricklink

The complete guide to buying on Bricklink

How Bricklink Works

The most common statuses for an order are: `processing`, `ready`, `packed`, `shipped`, `received`, and `completed`. There are a large number of other statuses that an order can have, which are explained on this order status help page.

Bricklink, like eBay, is made up of multiple sellers and stores; when an order is placed, the agreement is between the buyer and the individual seller. The basic process is as follows:

1. Buyer places an order

The seller will be notified an order has been placed. Go to Orders > Placed to view outstanding orders. The status of the order will change to processing when the seller has acknowledged the order (not all sellers will use this status).

2. Seller sends an invoice

The seller then calculates the total including shipping costs and any other additional fees (e.g. packaging). Status will change to ready.

3. Buyer pays invoice

The buyer is notified that the order is ready to be paid and pays it via the chosen payment method. Buyer changes the order to paid status (this will happen automatically if using on-site Paypal for payment).

There are a number of payment methods available for sellers to accept (cash, cheque, PayPal). PayPal is recommended as this is the easiest way to open a dispute with a seller if there is a problem. When you pay for an order, you are paying the seller directly, and not Bricklink. This is why multiple payment methods are available.

4. Seller posts order

What method the order is shipped by is different for each seller. The method will likely be listed on a seller’s terms page. Status is updated to shipped.

5. Buyer receives order

If you can’t check the contents of the order immediately, it’s polite to change the order status to received, using the dropdown on the orders placed page. Once you have checked the order is correct, you can then leave feedback for the seller and mark the order as completed. Although leaving feedback is optional, doing so helps the rest of the Bricklink community find good sellers; to leave feedback, click Post under the feedback column on the orders placed page.

Orders Placed
Orders Placed

Once feedback has been left and you, as the buyer, are happy with everything, you can check the File checkbox and click Submit Changes to hide the order. Filed orders are accessible for 6 months from the Filed link at the top of the orders placed page. This list will also show, with a green triangle, if the buyer has left feedback for you. To view your own feedback, go to MyBrickLink and click on the number next to your username.

Buyer Feedback
Buyer Feedback
Some sellers will offer a coupon, to use on your next order, for leaving feedback. This will likely be listed in the stores terms and can be useful to save money over multiple orders. You will receive an email if a seller gives you a coupon, and you can view any open coupon you have on the MyBrickLink page.

This process is mostly the same as eBay, with the minor difference that the buyer doesn’t pay at checkout but rather waits until an invoice is sent. This can be daunting for a first-time Bricklink user, but bear in mind Bricklink has been running successfully since 2000.

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