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The complete guide to buying on Bricklink

Trustworthy Sellers

By Feedback

For anyone who's used eBay, Bricklink's feedback feature will be familiar: a seller is given a percentage rating based on the number of positive ratings compared to negative. Unlike eBay however, a seller's rating on Bricklink is calculated over all the feedback they've ever received; a seller who received one negative feedback three years ago, will never be able to have 100% rating.

On the header section of a store, the amount of feedback a seller has is shown in brackets, along with a summary of their feedback. Clicking on either the number or the summary will show their feedback profile. The first table on this page shows a count for each type of feedback for the last week, month, year, and all time. To the right of that is the breakdown of feedback based on if the seller was a buyer or a seller (Bricklink sellers can but from other sellers, just like any other account). The most recent feedback is shown below that.

Although the overall score is a good indicator, it’s always worth checking recent feedback as well; if a seller makes changes how they run their store to the detriment of customer satisfaction, their recent feedback will reflect this but the overall score won’t.

Seller Feedback Profile
Seller Feedback Profile
A seller's feedback profile can be accessed from anywhere a seller's username or store name is shown by clicking on the number in brackets next to their name.

Other factors

Bricklink, like any marketplace, is susceptible to scammers. One of the more common scams on Bricklink usually involves setting up a store with a large amount of desirable parts, minifigures, or sets with prices much lower than average. Once they have received a few big orders (or lots of small orders), they usually lock their store with a message claiming they’ve had a family emergency or similar and say they will process the orders soon. So if a store seems too good to be true, it probably is.

As with any feedback system, personal judgement should be used; if you’re uneasy using a particular seller for whatever reason, consider finding a seller you are more comfortable with.

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