Guide to Bricklink

The complete guide to buying on Bricklink

Uploading a Parts List

If you want to convert a Lego Digital Designer file to valid Bricklink XML, check out this guide. Although the guide covers LXF files, it also applies to other formats including Brickstore (BSX) and Peeron (TSV) parts files.

Bricklink uses either XML or a Lego Digital Designer file to mass upload a parts list; details on the correct formatting for XML can be found here. To upload a part lists to Bricklink, go to Want > Upload, and either drag the LXF file onto the page, or paste in the contents of the XML. Once that’s done, choose a wanted list to upload to and select Verify Items.

Verifying uploaded items
Verifying uploaded items

This step is for confirming quantities, colours, and parts are correct. Select the Exclude checkbox to not add an item. When everything is correct, clicking upload file will upload the parts to Bricklink.

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